Bluewater Core Competencies 

    Bluewater Property Group provides development construction and asset management services as needed in conjunction with a larger bundle of strategic investment services


    • Perform property due diligence and market research

    • Advise on land acquisition

    • Provide conceptual programming, entitlement and approvals coordination

    • Streamline permitting, entitlement and approvals coordination

    • Assist with underwriting and project-level financing

    ​Construction Management

    • Manage the entitlement and approvals process

    • Organize the project design and scheduling

    • Supervise construction and renovation activities

    • Coordinate sub-contractor billing, jobsite inspection reports and punch lists

    • Streamline the entire construction management process

    ​Asset Management

    • Incorporate practical solutions to enhance the value of our properties

    • Streamlined lease negotiations with experienced principals

    • Identify and effectively manage the most capable brokers and service providers in each market

    • Develop deeper customer relationships with direct response and quick attention to tenants’ needs

    Strategic Investment Services

    • Incorporate real time market understanding and information to optimize investment decisions

    • Sophisticated underwriting and financial modeling process

    • Institutional market perspective combined with fiduciary experience

    • Long-term market relationships with owners, brokers and users of space provide resources and perspective on investment decisions